The 5 Things You Must Be Careful when Traveling Abroad For Medical Needs

Everybody is saying, “i got my teeth done in Turkey, i got my implants done in Turkey, i got my veneers done in Turkey and doctors and clinic was bad. Im regret to come Turkey” but of course there are lots of scammers or not good enough clinics as everywhere. So here 5 things you must look for when you thinking to dental tourism to Turkey.

  1.  Reviews & Testimonials

You should check Dental Clinic’s Review’s from big sites such as, Google, Trustindex.

       2. You should check for their real clinic pictures, license, and see if its real as its on instagram, you tube, their websites and google.

       3. Social Media Comments

Check clinic’s social media comments and if you can find someone who has been patient at that clinic ask about them. If it was really good or not. Try to watch real videos about patients and dental procedures.

        4.  Ask them about procedures, accomodation, transfers and these kind of stuff so you wont be suprise when you get there.

        5. Try to check dentists profiles if they real dentists work there or not. Try to consult to directly those dentists in Turkey.

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